Top 10 Operating System of the year 2015

Here we are taking a look at the 10 best operating systems ever created in 2015. We follow our own independent world of words in here. So, let’s go on!… Let’s give your our Top 10 Operating System of the year 2015!

Top 10 Operating System from A to Z

1. MorphOS

Top 10 Operating System

MorphOS Desktop shot

Verdict: Available for most of PowerPC Macs, including the Pegasos and some Acube/A-EON motherboards. Makes obsolete Macs in Apples mind working twice as fast as any PowerPC or Intel OSX version. A really small OS which is under 200MB in size. MorphOS also requires only few MHz to work. The software catalogue is also big, especially when you add all of the great AmigaOS 68k software that works instantly. Even though MorphOS is way smaller in population than the other OS’s on this list, it is a operating system that protects your privacy. There is no automatic updates of anykind. There is no one updating the OS without you knowing it. MorphOS deserves the first place of top 10 operating systems of the year 2015 without no doubt.

2. AmigaOS 4

Top 10 Operating System

AmigaOS 4 shot

Verdict: Available for Acube/Aeon, Pegasos and Amiga PowerPC motherboards. This OS have the very same verdicts as MorphOS, but fails a little for not supporting some of todays mainstream machines. This makes AmigaOS 4 harder to get. Other than that, AmigaOS 4 is as fast as MorphOS in usage. Your privacy is on your HD as with MorphOS. You have access to AmiStore and AmiUpdate for updating your software, but there is nothing that gets updated without your approval. This operating system also have AmigaOS 68k compatibility.

3. Windows XP

Top 10 Operating System

Windows XP shot

Verdict: One of Microsofts longest living operating systems, seems to stay even in 2015. Reason for it to be on the third is that you can use the very latest browsers, games and nice programs for it. You will be able to do your work, while you can play lots of games. The OS isn’t updated by Microsoft anymore, so this OS is actually safe from Microsoft force update mania.

4. FreeBSD

Top 10 Operating System

FreeBSD shot

Verdict: FreeBSD is one of the top Unix-based operating systems. It is totally accessible to root user so, the user can access and change the files anytime. It is well documented and follows many standards with extensible frameworks. Its taken over Linux because Linux seems to go towards an uncertain road with Microsoft and others trying to take control of it.

5. Haiku

Top 10 Operating System

Haiku shot

Verdict: Amazing how this team have brought BeOS back to life thru Haiku. These souls deserves all the respect, but the apps catalogue for it is not so big.

6. AmigaOS 68k

Top 10 Operating System

Classic AmigaOS shot

Verdict: AmigaOS 3.1 is still sold on floppies for Amiga. This time it is Cloanto. AmigaOS for 68k Amiga machines is living stronger than ever. With even more hardware released for classic Amiga machines, AmigaOS for 68k is even more demanding. It has all of the strengths as MorphOS and AmigaOS 4. Although it is sort of only available for the classic Amiga line. You can install it on any operating system with UAE on it also. Making this OS one of its kind. The only downsides is the lack of decent browsers for the platform. But beside that, this OS is certainly to keep your files where they should be without others deleting stuff without asking.. hint hint Microsoft!…

7. Ubuntu Linux

Top 10 Operating System

Ubuntu Linux shot

Verdict: There are things going on under the hood of Linux. However, Ubuntu Linux makes Linux useable for you and me. It is graphicly attempting and it makes Linux actually starting to get fun for everyone. The good thing about Linux is that you sort of have full control, but then you need to know every inch of the operating system also. The downsides of it is the presents of Microsoft and other big companies trying to get the control over the OS. Linux seems to become less secure than before because of this.

8. MacOS


Verdict: Way slower than MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, Haiku and Windows 7. However it is still one of the most useable operating systems still. But one big thing puts OSX further down on the list. just putting this Since El Capitan came out, MacOS have moved down on our Top 10 list. OSX itself is a nice operating system, but Apple’s control addiction have moved over from iOS to OSX also. Now Apple can control your Mac withour approval with a user that you as a home user doesn’t have access to.

9. Windows 7

Top 10 Operating System

Windows 7 shot

Verdict: Moved from 3rd to 9th place, because of Microsoft trying to force Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to install Windows 10 on their systems. This is a fantastic OS, but Microsoft makes sure that even one of their best products should be abandoned.

10. Windows 10

Top 10 Operating System

Windows 10 shot

Verdict: Microsoft have made it clear that people shouldn’t be able to use any CPU or power management tools. So they go into your computer and removes software that they think that you shouldn’t have. But the user doesn’t know that it is a Windows Update that does this job. In the end you get a summary where it says that programs have been removed. This is very illegal and Microsoft should be sued for doing this, but no one is doing anything about it. Also. Windows 10 is not that good neither. Its better than Windows 8.1, but it lacks the speed of Windows 7.

Conclusion: Our Top 10 list have been made from how these operating systems usage is and feels. With Microsoft and Apple serving two operating systems that dominates the computing world. It is quite scary to see how much they take of your privacy for each release. With all the NSA news, Distrita would think that privacy should be protected. Instead Microsoft deletes and updates their newest operating systems as it fits them. Apple have added a user to OSX El Capitan which is higher than the super administrator user.

MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 is on Distrita top, because they deliver and dont demand things of their users. People can decide what they want to do. Even the design can be edited a lot without knowing the technical specs of the operating system. They might not have Microsoft, Apple or Adobe to support them. There are tons of other well written software that is doing the same things or even better. Browsing the net with these is not optimal, but this Top 10 focuses on the total operating system usage. With privacy gone for Windows and OSX. These beasts are more dangerous than ever before.

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