Tomb Raider is one of world’s most known game character and the game series is one of the most iconic ones ever released except for Mario by Nintendo and Sonic by SEGA. But as with SEGA, Sony didn’t manage to keep this character at their heart for some weird reason. After getting exclusive rights after porting the very first Tomb Raider game from SEGA SATURN console by SEGA. Sony should have really done more job making her their iconic game character. Many thinks of Tomb Raider and Playstation 1 as something that revolutionized the gaming industry.

Lara Croft, which is the iconic woman character that you play in all of the Tomb Raider series became an icon for Sony that they washed away. It’s sad, but then again Sony haven’t really focused on getting that iconic image for any game character at all. Today, the newest Tomb Raider games is released on many consoles. However, the popularity of the game series isn’t gone. And with that said. It’s finally on time that this game series gets a serious and a Awesome action movie!

Norwegian Director and a Swedish Lara Croft in the newest Tomb Raider Movie

This movie puts Scandinavia on the World Wide Movie Map

With Roar Uthaug (which is from Norway and is known for directing the Norwegian movie named Bølgen) being the director for this movie and with Alicia Vikander (Swedish actor) as Lara Croft in the newest Tomb Raider movie. Many thinks that Angelina Jolie is Tomb Raider, but Alicia does a very good job too. She might not have big boobs, but she got style!

This movie seems to have full control regarding it’s plot and the charisma’s of the characters. The adventure with lot’s of action type of plot will make you entertained wherever you sit and watch this movie. Alicia from Sweden is beautiful, got powers and have lot’s of interesting action scenes where she jumps everywhere. This movie is also already rated quite high on IMDB website as many countries have already got to see this new Lara Croft movie. The movie had premiere in Berlin, Germany on 2nd of March. With many countries got it one week later like United Kingdom and Indonesia.

So, now its time to watch Tomb Raider! Run run!