John from Only In Japan and now also Only In Japan GO channel did a live stream on how tofu from soy beans is made. He is in Daisen, Tottori to see how Japanese make some tofu and how the process is to make Tofu from Soy Beans and its very well documented in this live stream.

How Tofu from Soy Beans is Made in this Only In Japan GO production

He is a very talented YouTube person. John is making many documentaries on-line, including working for NHK World. Usually he makes very nice documentary movies, but here it seems like he is challenging himself by doing a live stream as a documentary. John is for sure a gifted person, with a very talented voice that makes you listen to him. He deserves so many prices for the work he is doing, because he is making all of his documentaries interesting.

Only In Japan GO showing how fresh Tofu is made from Soy Beans

Here John is explaining in fluently speaking English how Tofu is made out of Soya Beans. They are boiled at 90C degrees and then put thru a strainer. The Soy Milk is drained fully from the bag with the farmer ladle the milk by hand into the bag which is a strainer. Steam is also used.

All of the Water is Squeezed Out for making the Tofu

This is how its made by hand from soy beans to soy milk to the final product. ¥150 a cube. That’s a bargain!! Only In Japan is at a farm near JR Daisenguchi Station Check the Place on Google Maps here

The method used here must have been done for generations. Absolutely all of the water is squeezed out of the strainer bag! With human power, not machine. Amazing. But then when you think he is finished, he moves the strainer bag to a cage which will strain the Soya milk even more. Here in this video you will for sure learn about how they do this and how very fresh Tofu tastes. It’s just incredible. We recommend you to watch the whole video, because this is quality made content on YouTube as a platform.

There are tons of YouTube people documenting various things from Japan, but John is for sure one of the more interesting ones. He is so down to earth and even if this is only a Live Stream production. He manages to get you interested in everything that he says.

So, go on and watch it. I never knew how Tofu from Soy Beans was made until I saw this. Learning something new everyday!

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