Titlertitlepage Titler
by Paweł Stefański


Titler is a totally free 3D text and object editor with animation possibilities. You also needs MPlayer and Mencoder for it to work as it should.

MorphOS with a 3D capable graphics card. MPlayer and Mencoder from 2012 which you can download from this page.


After you’ve installed Titler, you need to goto Settings and enter the path to MPlayer and Mencoder! Here you also adjust the preview and render size of your project. Make sure that you do this first. Other than this, you can adjust the GUI with MUI.

With this program you can create endless 3D text and object creations. Save your creation in PNG or JPG. You can also create animations and export them. Titler also supports almost any picture file formats for importing background or texture settings. This program gives you endless possibilities, and yet it is totally free for now.

All of the 3D titles or objects can have textures. You can also change the colors and alpha transparency settings for each of the objects. They can all be moved seperatly and with this you can create fantastic 3D images or animations. Titler also have support for importing images as Quad 3D objects, means that you can create 2D animations if you really want to. The animation feature in Titler is still in works, but it supports Frames settings and you can always check and see how the animation you’ve made moves. Including supporting title and object animations, Titler also supports camera movement means that Titler is quite powerfull for the price.

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Note: Mencoder version you need is the one here, because newer versions have changed directory algorythm. You need this version to be able to save your animations to MP4 videoformat.

If you want to contribute or help Titler into become even better. Distrita suggest that you visit #appbeta channel on Freenode, where the developer is and can answer your questions. Titler isnt complete, but it works as it should for now. There are still bugs to fix, but with more interest in the app things can start to move again.