Tiny Hedgehog Goes Outdoor camping, And His Pics Are The Finest Thing You’ll See Today

We know you keep in mind Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog who goes on big adventures. His perky ears, button nose, and wonderful roundness is simply impossible to forget. Well, Azuki recently traded his comfortable dream home in for a set of mini Coleman camping gear and traveled to the great outdoors. Equipped with his own camping tent, kayak, and barbecue, he was all set for success, and basically had the time of his life. Just looking at his photos makes us wish to get our camp on.

Tiny Hedgehog is something that is cutness Extravaganza

It likewise really, actually makes us want a hedgehog. Like, right this second. Take a trip on the wild side and see the very best minutes from Azuki’s outdoor camping days below, and do not even attempt to tell us you’ve ever been as pleased as this stunning little person. He is just happy! Real Sonic in the woods!

Tiny Hedgehog

Here he is camping!

Tiny Hedgehog

Tiny Hedgehog in a Boat made for him

Tiny Hedgehog

Here he is sitting comfortable for sure

Tiny Hedgehog

Cuteness overload is what we can say about this picture

Tiny Hedgehog

If only Tiny Hedgehog could do grilling! I bet that Sonic can do this

Tiny Hedgehog

Relaxing on his chair… Tiny Hedgehog


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Animal activists might not like what people does to Azuki, Tiny Hedgehog

In Japan there is this trend now to make animals do human alike things. There are cat cafeterias, Monkeys serving people food restaurants and now this Azuki which is a Tiny Hedgehog going camping.

Many activists will for sure see these actions as not good. Animals should live without interactions with humans many thinks. But in some cultures it is just normal to do this. There is also this trend to cut dogs hair in Japan. As long as the animal isn’t harmed, it should be legit. I am just thinking of all those dog owners that dresses their dogs with all kinds of clothes. For me it seems to be none sense to do, but many people likes to humanize their animals. Just let them be I say! What do you think?