A new tiny Android phone from Palm that Might melt your Heart

In our previous smartphone articles about Android phone mobiles. Distrita have come across BlackBerry smartphones, which have recently returned to the scene. Now, the same company from China TCL is also licensing Palm!

TCL releases The Palm Phone in November

It is interesting how some news sites skips news like this, because they think its not important enough. Well! The Palm Phone is a sexy tiny little Android phone that deserves much more love than it got.

If you like smaller phones or if you simply want to use your phone for the basic stuff, yet have the smartphone capabilities. Then this phone is a match for you.

Only for Verizon customers in USA

According the news from TheVerge. This phone is for now exclusive to Verizon users. The price of this smartphone will start at $349.99 in November! Not too bad, but for the size of it. Maybe a bit pricy? …

Designed for being used Outside

The Palm Phone is a tiny phone that is  designed for you to use on the weekends, when you’re going out for the evening, or just generally when you want to be a little less distracted by covering your entire side of your head with a huge phone. At the same time, this phone runs all of the apps that you find on Google Play Store.

The Android version that comes with the phone is a full version of Android 8.1. But the functions that comes with it is very much tied to Verizon, like the custom messaging app from the company which must be used instead of the usual sms app that comes with Android. Also the fact that this phone doesn’t have any qwerty keyboard is a bit odd! TCL should be following that design as they have done with their BlackBerry phones, we think.

The biggest question that we got right now. Will Palm aka TCL succeed by letting it be Verizon exclusive?



Source: TheVerge