We continue with our series of exciting Irish sightseeing trips! Today our next stop is the Aran Islands, and if you have to choose just 1 of the 3, we recommend the island of Inis Mór (meaning “the biggest island”)

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of entire Ireland! Yes, man, the nature is Ireland’s popularity. And so is this one! It features an outdoor museum with more than 50 different monuments of Christian, pre Christian and Celtic mythological heritage.

An outdoor Museum on Inis Mor Island
Dont miss the Black Fort set over cliffs, the seven Churches, St Benins Church perched isolated on a hill at the southern tip of the island, Temphaill Chieran, and the old Light House at the islands highest point.

A Unique Landscape on Inis Mor Island
The islands inland landscape of uniquely blanketed rock surface are glazed with man made rock walls that meander and cross all directions as far as one can see. Such does this environment draw you in and inspire the creative spirit, it is little wonder that the island has played host to many internationally renowned artists and writers including the setting for the Film Man of Aran which immotalized the Aran Islands culture.

A Rich Culture on Inis Mor Island
Today the Island features the Aran Jumper and celtic Arts and crafts such Basket Weaving and Dancing. Such is the culture of the islands 850 residents, many people akin the daily rituals as going back in time where you can still find the horse and trap and hear the gaelic language spoken as the first language and its consequent tradition.

Source: http://www.visitaranislands.com/

We are fascinated by Irish nature and tourism, and want to promote it in our series of the fantastic Ireland! Have fun!