Want us to share a secret with you? The best Coffee in oslo is located in… Read on and we reveal the details for you – the hidden pearl for the best coffee shop in Town is named Tim Wendelboe. We have been there and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the flavours. If you’re a coffee lover, it’s definitely worth to visit this place!

Are you looking for Oslo’ best coffee? Then you should look for Tim Wendelboe. It is the self-titled coffee shop, micro roastery and training centre of a famous coffee guy. He has won many prices like the 2004 World Barista Champion and Nordic Roaster 2017. Wendelboe is definitely the number one coffee specialist in Oslo. No one has more coffee experience and awards than him. His own business is based in Grünerløkka, Oslo, near the beautiful river, Akerselva, just a 5 minute walk from the Food Market, Vulkan. Tim Wendelboe’s coffee shop is very popular and he has been there since 2007, celebrating 11 years anniversary this year.

Wendelboe Espresso Bar Review – a great coffee experience?

If you are walking from the Schous Beer Breweries, continue towards Vulkan Mathallen – The Food Market. It’s actually a beautiful river promenade. In my opinion one of the greatest ways to discover the 4 seasons of the capital while you are in the city centre. The river makes you relax by hearing the sounds from the waterfall. The birds and ducks are gathering along the riverside. Local joggers and walkers are using the river promenade all year round to get some fresh air. Head straight from the Food Market – you will just need to walk for 5 more minutes along the river and then head straight up to the right. It is located next to the Grünerhagen, a park where volleyball players meet up for local matches.

The coffee bar is relatively small, but have some few seatings available. They also sell coffee machines and accessories. We are met by a friendly and smiling barista in the counter. The service is good. Here all orders are delivered with one glass of complimentary water as well. We order 2 cups of cafe latte for take away. The waiting time is only 3 minutes, although the cafeteria is full of customers. The taste is definitely great! The coffee is of a completely different level than in other coffee shops around – and there are lots of coffee shops in Oslo these days. The price for 1 cafe latte is 45 kroner. The cups are a bit smaller than other places, but definitely worth the price. We recommend Tim Wendelboe if you are nearby Grunerløkka and want to give yourself a better coffee experience.

Why is Tim Wendelboe Oslo worth to visit?

The roastery has won the prestigious Nordic Roaster competition three years on row. If you don’t know the Nordic Roaster it about blind cupping, where the judges — attendees at the annual Nordic Barista Cup — taste and score the coffees without knowing what or whose they are.

There is nothing wrong with the ambitions and goals from Tim Wendelboe himself. He want to “be among the best coffee roasteries and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred supplier of quality coffee and a preferred resource for coffee innovation and coffee knowledge” according to his own website.

The current brewing method offered in the bar is the Aeropress. The entire selection of TW filter coffee is always available, brewed on demand. There is also an option of sharing a tasting flight of all the available coffees.

Did you know that Oslo will arrange an own AeroPress Championship in June 2018?

On their website, you can find brewing guides and videoes, as well as exhaustive information on coffees past and present. In 2009, Tim published the book “Kaffe with Tim Wendelboe” (quickly followed by an English translation). The book is an honest, accessible account of what makes a great cup of coffee, and how anyone can brew one.


No hidden secrets in Wendelboe’s Coffee business

One of the really cool things about Wendelboe is that he is not keeping any secrets hidden for the audience. Transparency is an important part of Tim Wendelboe’s business philosophy. He regularly publishes what prices he pays for coffee, but more important still is his commitment to building long-term relationships with the farmers and cooperatives he purchases coffee from. By committing to purchasing crops before the harvest, he has been able to experiment with coffee at origin, such as separating out cherries from older trees, separating varietals, and different ways of processing the coffees.

Did you know? In 2010, for their third anniversary, every drink in the coffee bar was “pay what you like”, to raise funds for the Tekangu cooperative’s Karogoto factory in Nyeri, Kenya. At the end of the day, more than $3,500 was raised towards purchasing new metal drying beds. Isn’t that cool? We love local businesses that take care of other people and animals!

Get the best coffee in town delivered straight to your doorstep

If you love coffee and don’t live in Norway, you can still enjoy Wendelboe’s amazing coffee. He actually has launched a worldwide service where the coffee is shipped to your doorstep. If you live in the United States, as most of our readers do, you can expect to get the coffee delivered within 5-10 days. You may ask:

Is the coffee still fresh when you receive it? They flush the bags with nitrogen when they seal them, as they believe that this preserves freshness and greatly enhances the shelf life of the roasted coffee.

Is it expensive? If you order 1 bag of Filter Roasted coffee per month, the price is 115 kr, which is not bad at all for premium quality products by Wendelboe.

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