In our part of the globe, we have about 8 months with “colder” weather here upnorth in Norway which is part of the Nordic countries in Europe. So, when the spring comes and the first warmer temps comes. People in Oslo goes out like they’ve never seen the sun in weeks and here we have the proof of that happening.

15C might not be warm for you if you are in a country with temps around 20C to 30C everyday, but for people in the north which have lived with temps between -20C and 5C during winter that lasts for many months, then 15C is pretty much for sure. Out of sudden you can throw out your winter jackets and walk around in t-shirts. And that feeling you get can’t really be described as it is quite amazing. Still the nights can be cold, but the day temperatures is much warmer and it’s really nice to see that coming now in April.

Oslo in Norway simply flips over, when 15C hits them after a long Winter

Not only in warmer days in spring like now, people in Oslo flips over. But it also happens everytime the sunshine gives higher temperatures than normal and the sky is blue. Especially during summertime here, you can see almost everyone in the parks sitting and grilling hot dogs from disposable grill which is a very Norwegian thing to do. The biggest food grocery stores sells these during the whole year, but in summertime they compete a lot because of their popularity in Norway.

Not every Summer is Sunny in Norway

Some of our summers just rains away, while others are totally opposite. So, the fact is that our summers can be very unpredictable. One summer that I clearly remember some years back, had 28C for two weeks with sunshine, while the rest of the summer just rained away with temps around 18C. Other that I’ve experienced, we hadĀ  temperatures between 16C and 24C all summer with blue sky almost everyday. So, there is a reason why every day that is “warmer” flips people over.

So, let’s hope for a nice summer in 2017. I feel like my energy needed charging like a robot today. Biking was really nice for sure after long absence of moving around. Other Norwegians loves to bike when its snow and ice. But I simply like to just walk instead if I can or take the metro or bus if I have to hurry.

How is your spring?

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