The body is thin as the MacBook Air. At its thickest point, the new 12-inch MacBook has 13.1 mm in height (about an inch), so it is 24% thinner than the current 11-inch MacBook Air.
2. It weighs two pounds (0.9 kilos). In comparison, the MacBook Air weighs almost two and a half pounds (1.13 kilos). The iPad Air 2 weighs a little less than a pound (0.4 kilos)
3. Taking a page from the book of design of the iPhone, the new metal body of the MacBook comes in three different colors: silver, gray and gold.
4. The new MacBook has no fan, and this is partly why the computer is so thin and light.
5. has only two ports. One is the headphone port, the other port is for a new type of USB connector called USB-C. The USB-C port is about one third the size of a standard USB port and acts as a single point of connection to charge the battery from the computer, transfer data and transmit video.
For consumers who want to use their existing standard USB devices to the laptop, this new USB format is likely to be an inconvenience. A software protection adapter for USB-C port costs $ 80 at the Apple Store.
6. Apple has also redesigned the keyboard, which now extends to the edges of the laptop. The keyboard has also been updated to respond to lighter touches, which means it will be quieter when you write. The surface of each key is also 17% larger and is illuminated by LED lights underneath “for there to be a more accurate lighting,” Schiller said.
7. The computer trackpad was also subject to a nice improvement. Like the new Apple Watch, trackpad now works with the new Apple Taptic Engine, which records how strong a twist. For example, instead of repeatedly click the forward button in QuickTime to accelerate video playback, you just need to press the trackpad for a little longer and make it a little stronger than a touch to achieve the same objective.
8. Schiller said the new MacBook is “the world’s most efficient laptop in terms of energy.” The Intel Core M computer processor consumes five watts of power, and battery cells newly designed and profiled have 35% more capacity.
9. The new Macbook battery lasts up to 10 hours.
10. The cost of a new 12-inch MacBook with Intel Core M processor dual-core 1.1 GHz with 256GB of storage will be $ 1,299. A MacBook 12-inch dual-core processor Intel Core M 1.2GHz and 512GB of storage costs $ 1,599.
11. They will be on sale from April 10

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