The struggle for staying healthy is directly related to the calculation. Calories, carbohydrates, heart rhythm, recurrences and the kilometers are. Now, a smart fork, HapiFork will provide snacks during a meal and, consequently, take you to eat less and lose weight.

Technology has made it possible to monitor virtually all the details of everyday life. In an attempt to correct problems associated with health, people track their hours of sleep, your heart rate, your mood, the quality of the air and work habits.

“Everything you can measure can be improved,” said Fabrice Boutain, CEO and founder of HapiLabs.

Smart Fork
Smart Fork

In the case of the HapiFork, what can be improved is the speed with which a person eats. Twenty minutes are needed so that the stomach communicate to the brain that it is full and that you should be eating. Those who eat quickly will be therefore more at risk than the rest by feeding more. The team of HapiFork says that there are many benefits associated with eating more slowly, including lower acidity and risk of obesity and diabetes.

The fork, which will cost $99, will be released at the end of this year.

How it works

The fork can be used to monitor the eating habits of passively and synchronize information such as the duration of the meal and the amount of snacks, with a smart phone. HapiFork mobile application will also include a program of training and tools to connect with friends and family.

The device can also be configured to modify behavior. In that case, it will vibrate when you are eating very quickly as a way to warn the user. By default, will bite every ten seconds, but time can be modified.

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When the teeth of the HapiFork metal touch the mouth, a circuit is closed and there is a snack. Automatically passes information to your phone, either by Bluetooth port micro USB. The fork, whose hard charge a two weeks, has a plastic handle where the electronic and that can be removed to clean the appliance.

Origin of the intelligent fork

The fork was invented seven years ago by Jacques Lepine, last year contacted the content company’s health HapiLabs, with headquarters in Paris and Hong Kong.

HapiLabs has 120 employees, of which only about 10 are currently working on the project of the HapiFork, a figure that could change depending on the response from the public.

Where to get it

On Wednesday, the team of the HapiFork launched a campaign of 45 days at the site of collective financing Kickstarter to collect 100 thousand dollars and sign the first thousand users to receive the device. HapiLabs plans to deliver the first holders to these people in a few months and launch its product to the mass market end of the year.

“We want to cater to a community of people who eat consciously,” said Boutain.

How about intelligent fork? Would you buy it? Tell us in the comments.