Third-party launchers is now Blocked by Huawei and Honor

If you think that you are free when using Huawei or Honor. Think again! Because now its revealed that third-party launchers is now blocked for the Chinese version of EMUI 9! Global version of EMUI 9 is still not affected.

XDA Developers is reporting that Huawei and Honor blocks third-party launchers

These two Chinese Android mobile manufactures is now revealed to block third-party launchers. They are using Chinese EMUI 9, which prevents the user to use other launchers.

Launchers like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Rootless Pixel Launcher, Niagara Launcher, etc can’t be installed if you have bought a Huawei or Honor smartphone device with the Chinese EMUI 9 installed. Also if you try install Chinese EMUI 9, you get a warning that you can’t switch away from it if you have chosen to install it.

Third-party launchers is now Blocked by Huawei and Honor

Photosource: Faksimile/XDAdevelopers – If choosing Chinese EMUI 9 beta you get this information.

User customisation is one of the key advantages of Android over iOS

One of the main advantages over iOS for Android users is the fact that they can change their home screens as they want.

this only seems to affect the Chinese versions of EMUI 9 devices (of which there are few, such as the Huawei Mate 20 seriesHonor Magic 2, or any imported device running an EMUI 9 beta) and not the global EMUI 9 software. According to members on our forums, the reason for this restriction is to allegedly combat the shady practices of some third-party retailers in China (a problem we’ve seen Xiaomi deal with on multiple occasions).

If this starts, then Android won’t be so free in the end as it should be. A reason to skip Chinese phones from Huawei and Honor? Come on.. Reason for this is to combat shady practices of some third-party retailers?

Almost anyones reason for having Android is to have this freedom to choose way more. Even though its a beta, the Chinese tries everything to prevent their people to have any privacy on-line.

You can revert the process if you have Chinese EMUI 9 Installed

here’s a workaround that’ll let you use Nova Launcher (or any other third-party launcher) at the cost of being able to easily switch back to the Huawei launcher and losing the horizontal recent apps screen. All you have to do is uninstall the stock launcher for the current user by issuing the following ADB command (full instructions here):

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0

If you want the default launcher back, you’ll have to manually sideload it and then reboot.

So, it’s good that people can revert to use Nova Launcher or others if they want for now. The Chinese EMUI 9 Beta might be only a beta for now. But it is questionable why Huawei and Honor is doing this. Beta is not alpha ! In a developing process, this means that this Launcher is not far from launching at all.

If Chinese EMUI 9 becomes the standard in a few weeks. Just stop buying products from these two smartphone manufactures or any other Chinese smartphone mobile creator.


Android should not have these limitations.  Or should they be able to choose as they want? What do you think?



Source: XDA Developers