Google is ruining the Internet totally. This is a mass giant of a company that should be stopped. There is no more competition in the Internet search engine services and advertising markets on-line. Google is a company that can do whatever they want they think. And they ruin by starting and stopping services as they like too.

Google started up in 1998 and became the world’s search Giant that is controlled by people that only know money. There is absolutely no quality over the services that Google produces today. It is only made so that their advertisers earn and are happy. They have destroyed YouTube. Google+ is also no more and their search engine is Crap today! It never finds the items or articles that you want to read anymore. It just finds the advertisers to please themselves. We urge everyone to Stop Google together! A company that is against competition because of its size!

Do you remember Altavista? Kvasir? or even your local Yellow Pages search engines? They are all crushed by Google. The only company that is still trying to stand up against Google is Microsoft’s Bing. Then there is DuckDuckGo which I find interesting. But they aren’t any threat to Google at all. No one else puts their efforts into beating the mass giant company which Google is today. I want you to know!

No more Unique productivity from Google anymore

Google started up as a serious search engine competitor to Altavista. Because of their name and their dedication. Google became a nice search engine. You could find a lot in it and so Altavista lost because it could find more. Then Google started to eat up the other competitions until today when you only find Bing as the real competitor. This is a mass eater and they do as they want.

No one got the guts and say that Google is way too dominating the web market. When the Internet was launched, it was meant to be a source of free knowledge. But Google is now so big that they ignore that. They bought YouTube from two students for a humongous sum. Then adds came to their search engine and so they put it on YouTube too. Users were producing lots of great content and they invited people to get more income by having commercials on their videos. People did this and so the love for Google increased day by day all the way until they started with their monetizing controlling mafia feature.

Not only did Google hurt millions of YouTubers across the world. But they also chose to shut down Google+ which was their competitor to Facebook. Leading to the money-hungry Google showing its real face.

Google is doing the exact same thing as what Murdoch did with Sky

Money is controlling the world. It also ruins productivity and Google is not the only company in the history ruining it. Back in the late 1980s in Europe, there was a tv channel named Sky Channel that aimed at producing music shows and entertainment for the whole region. Rupert Murdoch bought himself into Sky Television and he made lots of shows such as Sky Traxx, Fun Factory and DJ Kat Show that united Europe. But the money didn’t come and so he decided to shut down Sky for the rest of Europe on the 1st of September 1993.

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Both Sky and Google started with making productivity a living thing before just listening to advertisers and let them decide on what to do. Then they ruin the human part of everything. YouTuber’s still produces unique content, but they use other sources for getting income. You cant earn on Google Ads if you are not qualified anymore.

Google needs to be stopped. People should stop using Google Adsense for getting paid. Contact the advertisers yourself and get local sponsors instead. Because Google treats their AdSense customers as they please. Google Inc. as a company might have died in 2017 but all of the companies owning it now are still the same. This company is up to no good for no one. Listening to you when you sleep, when you having sex, when you eat and makes adds out of it for the advertiser’s pleasure.  You cant use Google in a human way anymore. They know more about you than your wife or friends does. It is crazy.

Get our lives back by Supporting the Pirate party movement

I don’t do piracy. I don’t use torrents. But I am a huge supporter of the Pirate Party movement. Today this movement is in several countries over the world demanding a change. There are too many that just sit passively on their chairs or sofas thinking that everything will be better one day? Well. It won’t! Don’t ever think that things just will be better. It won’t and you need to take action now.

I am not saying that you must be part of any pirate party but at least know what you are doing online. Be part of the movement for getting your life back. Today it is all over the net. Google made sure that without even asking you for it. You didn’t give Google permission to spy on you when you want to search for something on Google. In the latter days, you have to agree to their terms but many just use the Google service without having clicked such box too.

The world is getting ruined by Google. It is them that is taking everything from you. It is them that prevent competition and a fair market. It is them that should be controlled by the American government. But as long as no one does anything. It is hopeless. I am at least trying to make you think and it is now up to you to save yourself. Because Google is the Death Star, Nova or anyone nightmare. You can’t even get in touch with any people there if you want to complain. There is no customer service. They just ruin millions of people all day.

Act now!

Use these alternatives to Google
Bing, DuckDuckGo, Swisscows, Yandex, Qwant, Startpage and!

Stop using Google now!