Transparent Wood to Humanity has just been revealed by a research team. Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, which makes it possible by a new method to create transparent wood in large quantities. Just released this awesome news. This may change the way we build buildings. This is awesome news for solar panels. To create the transparent wood, the researchers began by chemically removing of lignin substance. It is one of the fundamental components of it.

Transparent Wood will become a life changer

This component of wood makes it rigid and dark, constituting 25 percent of wood, for making the wood to become transparent, required add epoxy to the wood, a thermoset polymer that hardens when mixed with a catalyst or curing agent. Its advance technology and minds behind this. Also, this can give much cheaper houses too. Transparent wooden windows anyone?

Transparent Wood To Humanity

Renewable Homes benefits All

Wood is one of the materials most used in the world of construction, so the transparent wood could further increase this use. Wood as a building material is still cheap and renewable. This is for sure an suberb invention to improve the inside lighting through windows and translucent facades. It would, in short become “a unique construction material” say their creators.

Transparent Wood To Humanity

Transparten wood got some really nice features. Peoples homes can also become much warmer for homes built in countries with colder weather too. Normal windows tends to leak cold weather from outside, while wood itself is much better at preserving the heat inside homes. Thats why many homes in Norway is in woods rather. It warms the houses better. With such technique to give wood a transparent look. That is just amazing. Be able to have transparent wood parts in a house is the future if this will be released at full scale worldwide.

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