The minds behind history’s most iconic toy franchises discuss the rise and sometimes fall of their billion-dollar creations. In the 1980s several iconic cartoons made it to many teenagers and children’s minds. Both in America and Europe, cartoons like He-Man, Bravestar etc got humongous popularity. Especially in Europe where I am from, we had Sky Channel that focused a lot on children thru their children focused programs like DJ Kat show in the week and Fun Factory in the weekends!

He-Man, MASK, Sheera and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors for the masses

Not only was these cartoons popular on television in America and Europe. But they also brought billion-dollar market thru toys that were relevant to these humongous popular cartoons. I remember how much I wanted MASK toys, and when I was so lucky getting them for Christmas or birthdays it was like I was in heaven for sure. These toys were made in good plastic and they really worked nicely.

These toys were also not only popular to get. They were also a very social thing to have as almost everyone else that you knew also had these toys and so children in the 1980s played with these characters at schools, at home and even outside together. Not like now when everyone uses their phones playing Pokemon standing like streetlamps everywhere.

Netflix reveals about The Toys That Made Us very Soon

So! If you wonder about how we all got addicted to the toys in the 1980s. Then you should watch this documentary that is coming on Netflix very soon. Season 1 Coming on 22nd December. So, now your Christmas is saved. We hope that Netflix puts this documentary in every region because it is so relevant for the adults that are parents now to show their children or teenagers about what was huge in the 1980s and these toys were for sure part of it.

So, be prepared for a nice Christmas if you’ve got Netflix. We recommend you to watch it!

The Toys That Made Us