Today is the shortest day officially. For people living around the northern polar circle its a day when the days once again becomes longer instead of shorter. It is a day that almost no one thinks of exists because of the hectic times before Christmas time. But now we finally got longer days ahead.

Longer days ahead Finally

The longer days is finally here. Most of the people around the polar circle will in a few weeks notice it most. But also people in towns like Reykjavik, Stavanger, Oslo, Karlstad, Stockholm and Helsinki will feel the longer days.

With 5-6 hours of daylight here in Oslo. I am looking forward to get longer days. With lots of cloudy days, the changes towards longer days will be felt way more once we have sunny days in between the cloudy periods that makes the days feel way shorter than they are.

Southern part of the World gets shorter days

While we in the northern part of the world gets longer days from now on. People in down-under gets shorter days. But the impact on people there is much less as much less people experiences that there.

Finally the sun turns and so we can look forward to warmer days in a few months! Then on 21st of June the sun turns again and we get shorter days again.



Source: Distrita Own Experience