Iberia has a total of 47 Canceled flights Between 4 and 8 March in airport Loiu Because of the new five-day strike called by unions against the Restructuring plan of the airline. However, the actual figure will amount to Hundreds since not only are called to the cabin crew strikes, but ground crews and maintenance, companies Affecting Such as Air Nostrum connections in Vigo, Valencia and Santiago de Compostela, and in destinations Vueling Such as Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and London. In the whole of Spain, Iberia cancel 433 operations, 39% of the scheduled 1113, while 680 are under the minimum services.
27 redundancies

The Restructuring plan for the airline, Which Provides for the dismissal of 3.807 workers, Including 27 in the Loiu airport and three in Guipuzcoa Hondarribia, UGT-Euskadi said. From the low end under Biscay, 20 CORRESPOND to administrative staff, six operators to ramp and a maintenance technician, a total of 250 employees. For Hondarribia, two dismissals would be mechanical and administrative one to a staff of 36.

The mediator appointed by the Government to the conflict in Iberia, the Labour Law Professor Gregory Tudela, CCOO and UGT met yesterday to meet your vision, with the aim of Developing a Proposal That is acceptable to all parties



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