There are local happenings that just doesn’t seem to see enough attention. But yesterday Hacer Tulu artist got killed in Turkey. Four men opened fire against a nightclub in the Bodrum area of Turkey, where lots of tourists hangs. They must have arrived in the same car before they went out and directed their weapons against innocent party participants at the resort Medusa that is located in a resort in the area, BBC reports.

According to the BBC, two were killed in the attack. One of them was the foremost artist Hacer Tulu, which ended her life at age of 40. She was shot when she tried to go over the scene inside the nightclub, and life was unable to save when health workers arrived at the club.

Popular pop artist in Turkey is gone

Hacer Tulu was a popular pop artist in her native country and sang in Turkish. She released her first album in 2014 and, according to local media, has worked hard to get to the top. Her musicvideo for “Ömür Törpüsü” has been watched over 4.2 million times, and at Instagram she has nearly 60,000 followers. Now she is a legend and proof of that Turkey is going the wrong direction.

Five days ago, she released a selfie by herself, where she awarded the fans with a good morning. Now the family has reprinted the picture which she used then, but this time with the tragic death message note. It appears that she will be buried at Sogukkuyu Cemetery after family and friends have prayed for a last prayer in the mosque that is close by

Bosnian origin Hacer Tulu created an amazing Turkish pop career

The 40-year-old, who is of Bosnian origin, started her career as a model already in the late 1990s, in the city of Izmir which is a city located in the southern part of Turkey. After working for a period, Hacer Tulu became a partner in one of the agencies in the area. The music eventually came and she often shared videos of performances on Instagram with the fans. She was very loyal to them and now the fans have lost a fantastic voice and charm.

According to local media, the killed artist does have a 15 year-old daughter, which is now without a mother. Maybe she will fight for a better Turkey now?

They were later arrested at one of the police checkpoints nearby. It is not known when they may be brought to court or what the motivation behind the horrendous attack was. It seems that she will be missed a lot and that she will give a messenger to other people in Turkey about what is going in their country. It seems that when politicians mix politics and religion, they start to think much higher about themselves. Erdogan is like almost every other muslim leaders in the world out after more power than they should have. This also happened in Egypt. Whatever religion it is about. Muslims, Christians or Judes. As long politicians brings religion into the debates its a huge risk for internal wars. Just leave religion and politics way of thinking. Separate them and never mix them.


Source: bbc, turkey news, instagram