There might be more, but they all have the same faith. They were abducted by North Korea. Five of the abducted children were allowed to return in 2002, but the fate of the others remains unclear.

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Japan VS North Korea:
Japan is a fully organised country with standards that both Europe and North-America agrees with. Still Japan have problems with corruption within its own Police force and its mafia. Other than that, Japaneese are known for beeing hard-working people. North Korea is sort of in the same area. Those which works in North Korea, needs to work a lot but for a different purpose. While Japaneese people are pretty much free, the North Koreans is forced to work for the Communistic party that controls its citizens.

The region problems is not easy in this region of the world. All of the countries have some issues. Even Japan and South Korea argues about islands in the ocean.

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