sociallifeuncoveredBefore the Internet we had BBS chat and before that we all wrote letters. It is time for our lifetime social experiments to be uncovered for the world as we know it today.

You might think that social life on the net is all about Facebook and Twitter, but it is such an understatement. Before these social giants came, LiveJournal was a huge hit, MSN had a quite big impact on everyones daily life and the old but gooldie IRC – Internet Relay Chat have bypassed all without going down at all. In fact, if you browse the chatrooms on IRC today, you find almost as many today as 10 years ago. Some decrease it have been, but IRC is quite a steady and good social life on-line chat system. You are much more invisible though on IRC. In this article I will focus on social networks, while later I will give you chat life guide for sure.

So, let´s uncover Internet´s Social Life in 2014. Let´s Distrita guide you to the better social networks. Maybe the one you are using isn´t what you wanted to use? Find out here!

LiveJournal: rating5
This social life was started on April 15, 1999 by American programmer Brad Fitzpatrick as a way of keeping his high school friends updated on his activities. Many who I know used LiveJournal a lot before Facebook took over. Amazingly, I tried to logon to my account there now and its still active! This is a blog social life which have quite extensive possibilities. Today LiveJournal is totally Russian company, but the social life service is still on-line and going good. Some of my friends still uses LiveJournal instead of Facebook, because they simply does not like Facebook´s dominance in the social life market.

LiveJournal is still great and its way less controlled than Facebook. In fact, its a heaven for writers and nudity is not as much censored. This is why this social network still is active. Its worth to check it out.

Where to find it?

One of the newest social life services from the Google giant company. It is a nice relief even if you know that you will be tracked on every step you do. If you have a Gmail account, it´s really good choice and together with YouTube, Google Drive and all of their other services. Google+ actually does it quite nicely. But as with many of Google´s projects, you never know if this project will last. Distrita hopes that Google can do something about Facebook dominance and it have made some impact, but it´s quite small compared to the goal that Google had when they launched Google+.

A Google worker told Distrita that its uncertain about Google+, but we at Distrita urges Google to continue with this service. Google+ is less memory hungry than Facebook. While Facebook takes up about from 500MB to 700MB of RAM, Google+ only takes up from about 300MB to 500MB of RAM. This have been tested using MorphOS, which is quite small OS with good MEM showing numbers.

Where to find it? Gmail and Google Services

This social network was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Facebook is at this moment, no doubt one of worlds biggest social networks. Is this a good thing? Many people thinks its good, but others does not. The way Facebook controls and make their own rules about nudity is highly controversial. People can get thrown out for showing breasts. If it is ment to be a social network, then it is quite disturbing to get modified its life expressions. All people are different and it should be parents role to control what children can or cannot do when they surf the net. Facebook should not be peoples parents to say what they can post on the social network or not.

If Facebook continues on this path, I am not sure if the popularity of the social network will be kept. Once also when I tried to add lots of people, I sudden got a message from Facebook that if I added some person that I know and she or he does not want me to add them and reports it. I get a warning message if I add anonymous people again, I will be banned from Facebook? There are so many weird things going on at Facebook. Also be sure that you are checked on everything you type and do on the social network. Their advertisers knows exactly what you do and Facebook earns on what you type and do.

Where to find it?

After Facebook, Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and by July 2006 the site was launched. It is almost as big as Facebook, but is much more open social network.

The biggest disappointment with Twitter is that it only allows you to compose 140 letters in one message. If you choose to implement a picture or a link, this will automatic change and out of sudden you cant write as much as you wanted. Twitter is great for small messages, but it is terrible for people who wants to write more than 140 letters. It looses a bit of its effect for sure. When typing a simple SMS on a mobile have a limit of 160 letters, Twitter which is focused on be on the net have less. The way Twitter is set up is great and simple. It is nice to use.

If Twitter wants to become more popular, it needs it increase that 140 number. Its embarrassing in 2014. Please do something about this and Twitter can challenge Facebook for sure.

Where to find it?

Nasza Klasa:
Distrita is fully aware that there are other networks out there which is more local. Poland got its own Nasza Klasa. Launched in November 2006, the service has 13.5 million registered users. ranks among the top five Polish social networking portals, behind, and Wirtualna Polska. does not require an invitation to join; however, registration is necessary to browse the service. In the battle with Facebook, this had quite huge percentage in Poland until some months ago.

I haven´t put any red dots score on this one as I don´t know anything more about it than its name. If you know of more social networks, then please contact us. We will be happy to know.

Where to find it?

So, how to choose which of these networks suits you? All of these have their own rules. Read them and read news in newspapers how they treat people. It is difficult for many to jump from one to other social network as friends and family wont change just like that. You know what to do.

All of the opinion in this article is based on mine and Distrita team verdicts.

Nasza Klasa