If you think that Apple with its iOS has revolutionized smartphones. You must change your mind right now. With Apples way of controlling its users as their slaves more and more. On their keynotes, they try to give you an illusion of how big they are getting. But they aren’t winning at all. Most of the people don’t have the income to buy the newest iPhones from Apple at all. It is just too expensive and Apple still tries to convince people to buy ultra-expensive smartphones?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Android is the revolution

Android users feel free in comparison and so Android is the mobile operating system that has driven the smartphone revolution forward. Apple is in fact only doing great in certain areas of the world such as in Japan, USA, Sweden, Norway and the Brexit country the United Kingdom as you can see in the illustration here below.

Android is for sure the smartphone OS that is leading the market

In the rest of the countries in this world and also in the USA their market share is not the numbers that Apple wants to present to you. It is just obvious that Android is the operating system that has moved the world forward. Not iOS from Apple.

The most extreme numbers above here must be seen from Apple marked shares China, India, and Indonesia where the population numbers are pretty high. In Indonesia alone, there are over 314 million people. So when 93% uses Android there. It means that Apple just hasn’t done a good job at all of bringing its platform to that country at all.

Apple has a quite hard job to do if they want many of the countries to jump from Android phones. First of all, they need to make iPhones available for everyone by licensing iOS technology to other mobile hardware makers. Apple can’t just ride on their fake pride. This will punish them a lot more very soon if nothing is done soon.

Old but Important News regarding Smartphone Revolution

This news item is from August 2019. But it has some great data visualizations that I thought would be interesting for our readers to see. We know that there are lots of our readers that like such data that is looking at technology adoption in general and mobile OS market share. I just wonder what the “other” is? Is this a Windows Phone? Sailfish OS from Jolla or BlackBerry OS 10? Or is it them together?

This map just shows how much more coverage Android got in this world. Before Apple came with iOS. SymbianOS had lots of users and not all of these jumped to iOS for sure. They wanted to keep similar freedom and so they went for Android phones. Also iPhone smartphones are very expensive. So you can see on this map which of the countries in the world that is healthy or not.

Where do you think that smartphones are heading?

Source: Bloomberg