The Sexy Amiga pixel-drawn Pictures

lazur-marysiaBefore the time of mass-Internet usage, there was Amiga. A computer so ahead of its time, that people was too scared to let it become one of top 3 computers used. So. How did everything start?

The Amiga scene
Since the very first Amiga 1000, people have created Amiga Communities in form of clubs and meetups. The underground part of Amiga grow rapidly compared to the other scenes and especially coders of the machine found out early that Amiga was and is ment for more than just playing games. The Amiga graphical chipset allowed to draw pictures with up to 4096 colours and so the sexy pixel-drawn pictures was born in Amiga’s early days. They are all hand pixeled by some of greatest graphical artists ever in the computing history. We at Distrita is proud to present some of them from our former Amitopia database.

amigagameartThe most known Amiga artist is Andy Warhol who promoted Amiga 1000 at the launching stage in New York. Another one is An Eric Schwartz. He made lots of cartoons on Amiga, but he also draw lot’s of sexy pictures promoting his work and also Amiga. Another one is Adam, which is a Polish designer. He begun the adventure with computer graphics back in 1996/7 with great impression of Amiga’s art scene.


Andy Warhol at Amiga launch in New York

The Graphical Programs
Ever since Amiga was launched, companies battled even in early years about making the best graphical drawing program for the machine even when Commodore tried to promote it as a gaming machine in Europe. The most known programs is Deluxe Paint from Electronic Arts, Personal Paint from Cloanto and Brilliance. They used Amiga’s graphical features to the max, which resulted in many pictures, game covers and other art to be made on Amiga.

The sexy Amiga scene
So because of all of Amiga’s graphical capabilities, Amiga sceners also started to make sexy female pictures. They battled about who could pixel the most sexiest lady and the results started to come a lot by 1992 and 1993. It increased a lot and still even today, demosceners likes to draw Amiga made pictures.

In our future articles, Distrita will be presenting the Amiga pixel art gallery. Lets go Back 2 the Roots and bring you the Amiga magic at our fingertips.

The featured image is also done by pixel drawing on Amiga. Amazingly isn’t it.



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