The Secret Helpers

Today is the premiere of the Norwegian movie “The secret helpers” at Tromso International Film Festival (TIFF). In the north there are people with special abilities. They are called helpers. According to the Sámi tradition, they have existed for centuries. They have healed, relieved pain, stopped bleeding and helped people in many ways – with love, in secret, without being payed. The good helpers are still here, in our modern world, they are hidden – but not gone. What kind of knowledge do they possess – is it a gift, or could anyone learn how to heal? The audience gets invited into the most secret spaces of Sámi culture, and we try to learn – on film – how bleeding is stopped.

Today is shown the documentary The good hjelperan for the first time at the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF). The film is about the ancient tradition of helpers who could heal, take away the pain and stop the blood. Filmmakers Torill Olsen and Harry Johansen say that the tradition is alive, but the knowledge is kept as a secret. In the film we meet three healers with different abilities to help other people. None of them mentioned by full name because the filmmakers want to protect these good helpers. But still they have to be prepared that they may be overwhelmed by people that need help.