This feature article review is about The Discovery Channel, which is from a European perspective. Discovery started in Europe as a very small TV channel, which had to share channel with several channels including The Learning Channel.

Here is a video of an early Discovery ident:

From the moment I got cable TV in 1985, when I moved to Norway. I had Discovery Channel there after a while, together with Sky Channel, Super Channel and The Childrens Channel. Later my grandpa in Poland got a Satellite dish which also had hundreds of TV channels, which also included Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel started of as a channel broadcasting from 17.00 to 01.00:

As you can see, the channel featured Beyond 2000 and many other interesting programs. The channel had very nice graphical idents and you could clearly see a channel doing good. Today, I find Discovery Channels pretty much wasted everywhere I go. Even if the channel only broadcasted few hours a day in the evenings, in Europe. It had so much variety of programs. It was interesting to watch. Today it is mostly documentaries that have been set on repeat.

Also. What have Discovery done with their logo and idents? Its like the company behind it, tries to destroy it.

Maybe I like old things? Maybe I like old idents? Well, for me a good graphical identity means that the channel will be doing great. Today The Discovery Channel broadcasts 24 hours, but its worse than ever. And now they’ve put a bomb beside the D letter in the corner just to make people watch? That is showing weakness. That Discovery Channel needs help rather, or do people find Discovery more interesting because they have a bomb in their logo? I doubt it.

Discovery. Please Wake up!