Jumping from the top of the cliff

This is a blog post from my recent trip to Acapulco. I went there and I decided to go cliff jumping from one of the cliffs near Playa Linda. It was an experience I will never forget! I want to share the experience with you and also give some facts about the amazing Acapulco area of Mexico.

Acapulco is a beautiful city that sits on the coast of Mexico

Every year, travelers flock to Acapulco for the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from the amazing beaches located there. There are many different things to do in this city, but one of the most popular is jumping off cliff Diving Board on El Faro.

Diving Board is located at a height of 53 meters and can be reached by climbing up some 300 steps! The view from up there is truly spectacular as you get a bird’s eye perspective of Acapulco Bay. You may even spot dolphins or whales playing in the ocean below!
This cliff diving experience will cost about $5 USD per person and it lasts around 20 minutes total time from start to finish. Make sure that you have your camera ready because this jump will be an unforgettable memory!

You find it sitting next to the North Pacific Ocean, which is the largest ocean in the world. In this place in beautiful Mexico, there is a place for action for everyone loving to visit a city that has a lovely sea smell! And it is in this ocean that people find it awesome or even extravaganzas to do jumping from the top of the cliff! Read On…

One of world’s most Awesome Jumping Cliff areas of the World

Here in Acapulco, the divers jump from a 45 meters high cliff and right out in the Pacific!

These brave young men perform a ritual in a small swimsuit: Up! Pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe on his altar placed at the top of the cliff, then measure the waves, which will be calculated ideal to have enough depth, observe wind speed … and all the way down, with a couple of acrobatic flips. These people from Acapulco offer the spectacle of day and night lighting the way with torches, which gives a bonus to the presentation.

La Quebrada, which is a place that is located near the city center of Acapulco, is a great place to see these amazing jumpers. It is just a few minutes from the main square of the town. There is a viewpoint where you can see the divers, which we at Distrita recommend as a really great spot to see those jumpers dive into the ocean from the amazing cliffs.

Here is a map of Acapulco town in Mexico

So! Now it’s your time to check out this exotic town in Mexico. It is for sure a city with lots of life and action on water and land. Here the food is delicious and Mexicans are warm and nice people too.

The Acapulco Conclusion

The trip to Acapulco was amazing. I will never forget the beautiful beaches and sunny weather we had while there, especially since this time last year it did not seem possible that such a thing could exist in Texas!

The people were so friendly too; they couldn’t have been more welcoming if you asked them for directions themselves (or at least said yes). It truly feels like paradise on earth when one visits this resort town by the sea with its perfect waves lapping against soft white sand as far as eyes can see–I think even Homer might approve of his surroundings after all those dark rainy days back home…

Welcome to Acapulco in Mexico! Are you ready to cliff dive?