The Best Blogger of the Year was found during the show “VIXEN BLOG AWARDS”, and one of the winners were the well-known girl Emilie VOE Nereng. When her blog was at its most popular stage, it was read by more than 70.000 readers! After that, VOE deciced to take a break. Later, she decided to write over again, and now she gets the award “People’s Favorite”.

VOE is saying that so many bloggers are named Pink Bloggers, that’s an own umbrella of alle the blogs out there. If you haven’t one dedicated theme of your blog, it is very easy to get that Pink Blog assocication. That’s something negative, at least as VOE is thinking. She wants a different focus now, and another direction. Pink Bloggers isn’t anything bad or stupid. They just write about their own interests, and can seem a bit egoistic. There are so many blogs about women’s clothes, shoes and make-up. Find your own unique theme if you create your own blog in 2013!

Other winners were Camilla Pihl, that won “Blogger of the Year award”, while Ulrikke Lund’s Fashion Blog became the “Fashion Blog of the Year” AND “The Celebrity Blog of the Year”.

We just want to remind you that Distrita is not a blog, but a magazine, though we we would like to go Pink in the future, LOL!:)