The Dance of the Voladores de Papantla Totonac ritual dance is related to fertility. It is run by four flying and a musician called “corporal”.
Origin and Legend
Within the vast That mysticism surrounds the traditions of Mexico, the dances are Perhaps one of the Demonstrations That cause much more admiration Because of the mystery, beauty, clothing and colorful frames them. Unfortunately, as time passes, customs are disappearing Gradually, and there are ethnic groups, Although WHO refuse to succumb to the “modernity”, the basic principles of Their ancestral rites Have been modified to endanger Their future practice. Such is the case in Dance of the Voladores, acclaimed by many but Understood by few, and simple game Sometimes Considered sample or value, due to ignorance of Its origin and meaning. To learn more about the intrepid Men-Bird is Necessary to visit the city of Papantla in Veracruz state, the cradle of voladores-, WHERE a delicious vanilla