Do you need the latest mobile phone all the time? Or are you like me? You can accept technology thas has been reviewed and used for some months before you buy it a lot cheaper than everybody else? You can do a bargain if you can wait! Often you can get 50% discount if you buy it second hand, just some months after it was new! And if you can wait until a new top model has been launched, like Samsung Galaxy S4 has been replaced with S5, and everybody wants to sell their S4… Then you can get a great bargain price!

We just got the latest Nexus phone, Nexus 5, from LG. First impression when we packed it up from the box, was that it was different than a typical LG mobile phone! LG G2 is extremely easy to lose, as it is unruffled… Nexus 5 feels like you have a comfortable rubber case as skin, and it’s very comfortable to hold in your hands. The screen size is 4,5 inches, and it feels like the ideal phone for an average user. It fits the pockets, and the screen is big enough! The first thing I did was to reduce to contrast to minimum (at night time) as I felt it was too bright for me… And it’s battery saving… Regarding the battery, it’s nothing special…2300maH is quiet normal… and you may last one day, if you turn off the functions you don’t need.

The Nexus 5 has NO buttons on the backside, and I like it, because buttons on the backside is annoying, LG! It’s much better to have the buttons on the side… The on button is on the right hand side, and the volume buttons are on the left hand side! What I don’t like is that the lense is located 2 milimetres out on the backside, that means that if it falls down into the ground, the risk to break the glass on the lense is big! I would recommend to buy a case for it, so the lense will have a protection…

I love the shape of the Nexus 5. It looks sexy. It’s very slim! And the material feel comfortable to hold in your hand for a long while! It’s very easy to get used to for a Samsung user, as the buttons are located on the same places… But I miss physical buttons below the screen for home and back… There IS space enough in the bottom below the screen, so it feels like they could have had buttons there… But it’s just to be used to…

I guess this is the closest LG ever has been to make a succesful iPhone replacement phone! And I really think that iPhone users will find it easy to use and a good replacement if they wanna try Google instead! I also think it’s fast enough for most applications, so there is no need to wait for the Nexus 6, if you just don’t need to have the newest technology all the time. It’s also a perfect replacement for Galaxy S4, maybe even the S5, if you are bored of the Samsung phones… All in all, this is the perfect all-round phone for all platforms! And it doesn’t matter that the phone is 8 months old. This will be a classic phone, a phone you can have for a long time! The Nexus 5 is easy to fall in love with, it will be your new friend! Thumps up for Nexus 5!

We will publish an extended photo and video gallery later on, so stay tuned!