The incredible of hotel openings in China continues next month with the culmination of Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing.

Its opening is scheduled for mid-November; striking and luxurious 97 meter high with 21 floors housing 306 rooms and suites.

It was designed by Architect Design Co. Shanghai Huadu and is Yanqi Lake Shore, about 60 kilometers from downtown Beijing.
The whole complex is located on Sunrise Kempinski occupies 14 square kilometers; it is the largest owner of the brand in China.

Besides the main building there are 111 additional hotel rooms in the Yanqi and 178 scattered in 12 other boutique hotels nearby private island.

The resort has 14 restaurants and bars, two spas, a private marina, a pagoda, recreational facilities and a fitness center and kids club.

The company says that the construction was carried out in the course of 24 months with the help of over 9,300 employees,

then you can enjoy a holiday in this luxurious hotel