narvalIs a whale (Monodon monoceros Narwhal-) but with a huge ivory horn, his appearance reminds us immediately to mythological unicorn, the horse with a horn, but this modern unicorn is real and is called narwhal.

His horn of ivory and spiral form can grow to three meters and weigh 10 kg.

The narwhal is found predominantly in the Russian Arctic and the Atlantic. Commonly recorded in the northern part of the Bay and Hudson Strait, Baffin Bay, on the east coast of Greenland and the eastern fringe of the northern tip of Greenland around eastern Russia (170 ° E).

narwhal4Narwhals are quick and active mammals that feed mainly on cod, In other areas have adapted their diets to squid, shrimp and other fish.

The strange thing is that the narwhal horn is not actually a horn, is a long tooth, exclusive to males.

It is believed that the Vikings were the first to bring narwhal teeth to Europe, very little is currently known about the narwhal, but what if I’m sure, is that it is a beautiful animal.