Bandung is a city in West Java Indonesia that surrounded by the mountain area, this city is also known as the capital city of West Java which the people who live in this city speak Indonesian Language as official language and Sundanese language as local language. Bandung is also known as a fashion city because there are so many factory outlets with  very reasonable price and of course good quality, foreigner and people from another city usually spend their weekend in Bandung only for enjoy the hot spring or shopping in the factory outlets that spread all around Bandung. The another thing that makes Bandung  popular is because you can find many delicious foods with an extremely cheap price!.  Even Indonesia has a tremendous number of scrumptious dishes, you don’t need to go all over the country to enjoy these exotic and delicious foods  because in Bandung you can find many kinds of scrumptious foods from all over the country. Today, I would like to introduce you to some Bandung traditional foods!, this foods is a must try foods when you visit Bandung, because this foods have been very popular and many people’s favorite food since a long time ago even when I was a kid, what is that ? let’s check it out :
NASI BAKAR (Grilled Rice)
nasi bakar
This cuisine is served with cucumbers, Piece of grilled rooster, Perkedel Jagung (salty corn cake with spices), sambel terasi  and special grilled rice which is served  with banana leaf as its plate. Very delicious and strongly recommended if you come to Bandung!. this cuisine only costs approximately USD 1.5 (including beverage). I usually eat Nasi bakar in the place behind of Gedung sate Bandung.
NASI GORENG ( Fried Rice)
nasi goreng
Nasi goreng is the most popular Indonesian cuisine in the world, because every time I traveled to another countries people have already familiar, even in the local restaurant  outside Indonesia. Usually Indonesian people  eat nasi goreng for breakfast. However,  I think it’s completely weird for western people to eat rice for breakfast because one time I enjoyed nasi goreng for breakfast and my flatmate in Oslo think that I am crazy.
Nasi goreng’s price is differ depending on the restaurant usually it costs around USD 1-2 or more than that if you choose luxury restaurant. however if you want to buy nasi goreng, it’s recommended to buy Nasi goreng in the street, trust me, it’s much cheaper and the most important thing is DELICIOUS
As it’s name, this food is originally from Bandung, Served with beef slices, peanut, horseradish with salty soup. This is very delicious!
Batagor is abbreviation words of Bakso Tahu Goreng , this is also popular cuisine in Bandung, don’t say that you have been to Bandung if you didn’t try this one. Batagor is served with peanut sauce with lime that very yummy!, I really missed this food, because I couldn’t get it since I moved to Oslo
finally!, I hope you can enjoy the foods when you visit my lovely country