It is known as pitahaya, pitaya or dragon fruit to the fruit of Hylocereus species and Selenicereus, Family Cactaceae, from Mexico and Central America. The major global producers are Mexico, Nicaragua, the Republic of China, Vietnam, Colombia and Israel.

The flesh of dragon fruit contains small black seeds. Its aroma is lost when heated.

The exterior color is red / pink or yellow. Yellow pitahayas are more expensive, because not grown as often. Pitahayas red pulp have a white or red, the red pulp are more difficult to grow and therefore less frequent, although its flavor is more intense than the white-fleshed pitahaya.

Pitahayas are sensitive to pressure and therefore difficult to transport. In Europe it is possible to find the fruit of Central European supermarkets between July and December, and Vietnam between January and June. Fruits from Thailand are flown throughout the year.

90% of the fruit is composed of water and is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus. Nutritional value is 210 kJ/100 g, and contains vitamin B, C and E