Many have made post-apocalyptic serials where the history have changed in such a way that countries or communism have taken different paths. The latest one here in Norway is called “Okkupert”, which is about Russia invading Norway. The serial got potential, but it’s very badly edited and also most of the actors plays very badly. It could have become a nice serial. Also the intro of “Okkupert” is very borring  and makes me want to eat something that I dont like,…  The viewer numbers of Okkupert have dropped from over 600 000 viewers to bearly 200 000 viewers.

Reactions came to Norways first attempt to do a great post-apocalyptic serial
Russia did try to stop the serial, and even some Norwegians commenting it as a dangerous serial to show. Is fiction the same thing as real thing? I don’t think so! …



The Man in the High Castle
Now this post-apocalyptic serial where USA lost the World War 2 gets attention. In this serial where Japan got 30% of west-coast and the rest 60% was given to the Nazis. USA got divided and so this serial takes you thru the post-apocalyptic times. However.. In USA Amazon decided to use New York Subway for promoting it. They put up big nazi posters trying to promote the serial. Now Amazon officially apollogies this;

Amazon: Sorry, Putting Nazi Symbols on the Subway Was a Bad Call

The ad campaign was intended to promote The Man in the High Castle, Amazon’s new, alternate history TV series based on a Philip K. Dick novel where the Axis powers win World War II. The campaign covered subway benches in American flags whose fifty stars have been swapped out for a Nazi coat of arms, as well as a variation of the Rising Sun flag of Imperial Japan, retouched with American colors.

The Man In The High Castle PosterConclusion to this is that the world might not be ready for see differences between fiction and real life. Its a bit sad, but the fact is indeed real. Fallout 4 game which got released just now is also about a post-apocalyptic world which have been bombed by nuclear bombs. There is also 9 movie with dolls trying to live in a world destroyed by humans.

As the Nazi symbols is on a poster telling that this is a serial or movie. Its ok. Or what about the pilot episode of Sliders where east-coast of USA is invaded by Sovjet!? Teenagers understands its fiction.

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