Making of Myst and Riven

Making of Myst and Riven

Back in 1993, the two brothers that you see playing in MYST, actually launched the game. MYST was a revolution for the CD-ROM gaming industry, but it was also one of the first games that invited also non-gamers to like playing games. In this game you walk around on the different islands, that are connected by books. Your task is to find out more about the islands as you aren’t given many clues at all about the game, when starting to play. If you have played The Witness, then MYST is the baby of the genre.

In this The Retro Hour show, you get to know much more about MYST, as they have interviewed Robyn Miller about MYST production and how things evolved towards their RIVEN release. Thanks to The Retro Hour makers, you make a brilliant show.

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The Sinclair C5’s successor:
Nokia 3310 is relaunched:
Die Hard 64 discovered:
Atari’s Swordquest is back:

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