Chichen Itza invites you to discover the most important cultural center of the Mayan civilization. The Majestic Pyramids of Chichen Itza are a must-see for anyone visiting Mexico.

Mexico offers so much more than tacos and tortillas. Just take a look at the Monarch Butterflies and the unique passenger train ride, that Distrita has written about. Just imagine yourself exploring these majestic pyramids as you take in all the sights around you – it’s a truly unforgettable experience!

I want to invite you to the Majestic Pyramids in Mexico. What are you waiting for?

Chichen Itza is on the World Heritage List

First a bit of background! These ancient pyramids in Chichen Itza were built by the Mayans and have been standing since the 9th century. They’re an incredible sight to behold, with their grand scale and intricate carvings that tell stories from Mayan history.

Amazing Views

You can climb them for amazing views of this UNESCO World Heritage Site! Archaeologists consider the Maya civilization, to be one of the most advanced humans living at that time. This mysterious city was an important ceremonial center.

Visiting this place means that you will enter a city built by Mayans many years ago, so it is also important to visit with respect. This is the history of humankind that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Valuable Pyramids To Visit in Mexico

Kukulkan in Chichen Itza Mexico
Kukulkan in Chichen Itza Mexico

Admire the magnificent pyramid of Kukulkan (“Plumed Serpent”) that you can see above here. Just look at the amazing architecture. Maybe you can even unlock some mysteries too while visiting it? The Kukulkan pyramid is enormous. Climbing the stairs is not for everyone, but if you dare you will be rewarded at the top.

The Ball Court in Chichen Itza Mexico

Also check out the Ball Court as seen above, Temple of the Warriors, and the Observatory. Also make a visit to the Sacred Well, where countless virgins sacrificed as sacrifices to the Itza Dioses. Bring with you water to drink as this area is for walking and the heat can be quite strong during the daytime.

Castle is Impressive

Chichen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico. Chichen Itza was built on a large plateau with some hills and ridges, which allowed for huge water reservoirs to be constructed by means of terraces containing small canals that directed rainwater into cisterns (Temple or House of Bird Jaguar).

This area consists of ​​15 miles and one of the most impressive ruins, Castle that still stands. It was built to worship the god Kukulkan. This is a monumental pyramid with 4 ornamental facades and 9 stepped bodies in this building is where the March and September equinoxes occur the phenomenon of light and shadow and can observe the descent of the Feathered Serpent.

The location of Chichen Itza in Mexico

The location of the pyramids in Mexico is pretty far from Mexico City as you can see on the map above. If you can get yourself to Mérida then the distance is 122km. If you want to travel from Cancún it’s 197km. From these towns there are many tourists traps so do not fall for them. From Mérida you have daytrip to Chichen Itza.

The ancient Maya town is located in the state of Yucatan in Mexico.

Getting to Chichen Itza Guide

  • Rent a Car – My recommendation is to rent a car if you can. There are many companies renting in Mérida and Cancún. Driving time is about 1:30 from Mérida and 2:41 from Cancún
  • Take a Bus – Are you traveling with a more tight budget? Then check out the ADO bus company that offers services in the area. ADO stations in Mérida are listed here and in Cancun here
  • Organized Tour – There are many options, so I recommend checking out them here

You may find it less expensive to rent a car or travel with the ADO bus service when visiting the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza. Taking the bus service will let you meet way more locals in the area though. It all depends on what sort of traveling person that you are?

There are many travel companies that offer this service, but be sure you book in advance (and allow for extra time) to avoid any last minute surprises!