The Macaw is possessed of an iridescent red plumage. Part of the wing feathers are blue, yellow and green lesser extent. The area around the eyes is yellow and her face is dotted with white feathers.

The bill is big and strong and moreover, the legs have a dark tone that becomes black. The legs have two toes forward and two steps back, allowing the bird to use your fingers as if they were hands. This condition is especially useful when opening fruits and seeds.

It is a medium sized macaw as measured 80-90 inches in length, but some can reach 120 centimeters. However, it is pointed tail which largely influences the size: covers one third or half of its entire length. Male and female share much of the physical characteristics although the male may have a slightly longer tail. The average weight is 1 kg.

It is native to South America and lives in countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Honduras and Mexico. It lives near rivers in the rainforests and savannas of wet weather and usually build their nests in trees at a height of up to 1,500 meters
above sea level.