Lego_WPS_1280_1sheetI expected LEGO commercial and yes it is LEGO, but this movie is not about LEGO, it is about how awesome someone which isn’t awesome can be. The story is better than you think. The movie itself is so much better than you think. It is refreshment and the Nostalgia in this movie just flows from top to bottom of your bones. It is fantastic. I saw this in 3D and that must be one of the downsides I think. This movie deserves 2D watching, but here in Oslo, the original voice movie was only set up in 3D version.

The Lego Movie is awesome from the start to the end. It shows how good a movie can be if the whole movie team shows that they love what they are doing. This movie mixes between Live Action and 3D animation in a brilliant way. The Lego City for instance. All the details shown in the movie must have taken lots of time to create. This is a Warner Bros movie that really shows what Hollywood can do. This movie is interesting for all ages. Both parents and kids will love this movie. Its not yet another boring Lego movie. It is a Lego movie with a plot that combines humor, action and thinking.

What I wonder about after seeing this awesome Lego movie is why the Danish film industry haven’t made such movie?

I don’t want to reveal too much about this movie, but if you watch the Wallpaper that comes with this review you might get some hints,.. but even then you will be amazed about it. Its a damn good Lego movie which have nothing in common with promoting Lego at all, but its pure fun and amazing set up film with Lego live action and 3D animation.

Conclusion: Watch this movie as soon as you can. With your love, with a friend and if you have kids also with them. This is a Family movie for all in every corner of the world. So, go out and be entertained. This movie is worth every penny for the Nostalgia and Entertainment it gives. Distrita gives this movie 9 out of 10 score! Only minus is the 3D version makes more mess than it should. I need to watch it in 2D again.

Distrita Total Score: 9/10
+ Great atmosphere
+ It is Awesome from start to end
+ Great story+ Both nerds and parents or friends will love it
+ Amazingly done
– 3D version gives a bit headache

Top actors in The Lego Movie: IMDB links

Wyldstyle / Lucy (voice)
Blake / Additional Voices (voice)

Other great actors in this movie which have given voices is Morgan Freeman and Allison Brie.