Robert Miles artist dies at 47

In 1996, Robert Miles had the summer heat that was difficult to avoid. The piano-tricking trance song called “Children” topped lists all over the world, and spent five weeks on top of hundreds of lists worldwide. He also made One and One, Fable and many other fantastic piano trance songs. It seems like all of the great artists is saying good bye in early ages??? Why!!! Stop it!!… At age of just 47! He is now gone. Yet another sad day…!

Died on 9th of May because of an Unknown disease?

On Tuesday, Italian Robert Miles died after a short period of time (and currently unknown) disease. According to several media, among them BBC, he died in Ibiza (Spanish island near the bigger Mallorca and Menorca in the mediterranean sea).

«Children» are considered a spearhead in the trance wave that many dance floors in 2017 have forgotten. The song is such a spiritual song that turned trance into something that everyone started to like!

According to Huffington Post, the great heat of the big hit Children, was inspired by images Miles had seen from the war victims in Yugoslavia that at the time of its popularity went into a several year sivil war that is still a huge wound for those living in the areas of Europe. Yes, this was just outside of Italys borders.

It was a DJ that told him about that told Rober Miles so he understood the potential of the song, when he tested it in an outdoor set.

– Everyone stopped dancing, stood still and began to cry. It was phenomenal, he mimicked.

Distrita waited and waited to see the quality of this news. Robert Miles Facebook says still that he had plans to have a concert on 27th of May. But since Huffington Post, Vanyaland Music site and several on social media reported this. I am certain regarding it. Thanks to Robert Miles for what you have done to my and millions of others hearts. Your music gave people hope!

Let’s remember the fantastic Children song by Robert Miles Here

Thanks for Everything!