We just wanted to share with you the comedy of the year in Sweden! This is one of the wildest adventures we have seen! It’s extremely funny and deserves all the nominees it has got.

Sweden’s funniest man, Robert Gustafsson, plays the 100 year old man that escapes from the old folks home on his birthday. There are so many extremely funny scenes! The movie is based on the Swedish book by Jonas Jonasson, that sold more than 250.000 copies, later also translated to English and is now available on Google Play. It has already been a massive success in Norway and Sweden. Now it is showing around in Europe and it will have its release date Tuesday 8.July 2014 in Melbourne Australia during the inaugural Scandinavian Film Festival.

The movie is produced by Felix Herngren and had a budget of stunning 63 million Swedish kroner (almost 8 million Euros, a lot for a Scandinavian movie). The scenes are taken in Sweden, Russia, Spain and Bali to mention some of the locations. Get ready for some laughter! Have fun, you will never regret! We looked forward to this comedy, but gave us SO MUCH MORE than we ever could imagine! We understand why it won the audience award in Sweden. This is the best Scandinavian comedy I have seen for many years!

Our rating

rating5 5 out of 5, AMAZING COMEDY!