The healthiest country in the world, also the cheapest and best one

We always look after the key for a good life. The newspaper, The Lancet has found where people live longer. They are not only the eldest people (81-82 years old), but they stay healthy without hurting pains during their last years. It sounds amazing, right? Beating Australia, Canada, Norway and United States. The research was based on The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 1992-2012. The focus was the development of health and diseases in 50 countries in a 20 years time. The reason is probably the healthy food they have in Spain, (fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil), almost no fried food at all, and the climate of course. The Spanish healthcare is also on the top and has won awards by WHO.


Healthiest Food
Healthiest Food


Another research focused on the cheapest and best tourist destination. Also here, Spain won among the 42 countries in the research. Post Office Travel Money – Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer is a yearly survey through the British Post. The prices are based on 8 products that tourists often buy: A cup of coffee at a cafe, a bottle of beer (local brand), a glass of wine, a can of Coke, 200 ml sun lotion (15 factor), a bottle of 1,5 litre water and 20 Marlboro Light cigarettes (not very healthy, lol) and finally a 3 course dinner with a local wine for 2 persons at a restaurant. In Spain, the price of the 8 products were 36,14 pounds. The most expensive country was South Korea with 146,98 pounds while Italy (Spain’s neighboor country) were 87,07 pounds, and was listed number 32 on the list.

The prices were found at Costa del Sol, Spain and won the entire test! Top 10 was followed by Sunny Beach (Bulgaria), Algarve (Portugal), Cancún (Mexico), Marmaris (Turkey), Ayia Napa (Cyprus), Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) og Korfu (Greece).