Dystopic and scary relevant new drama series is now on HBO Nordic in Norway that I have watched. The series name is The Handmaids Take, and it is based on a very popular book with the same name from 1985. However, I never heard of the book before now, so I haven’t had the chance to read it. So, I am making this first-impression review, without having the book as any background. Also, this tv series that is aired on Hulu have choosen to focus on today’s USA with mobile phones, computers and Internet. This makes it even weirder. Read on about my first-impression of this Hulu and HBO Nordic tv series.

Liberal weapon laws in USA is totally forgotten in The Handmaids Take

I think that those which wrote this dystopic series, should’t try to make USA weaker than they actually are. Especially, this goes for the women in the series and it ignores the age from 1985, which is in the book and they added 2017 technology into it instead. I got the feeling while watching The Handmaids Tale, that it seems to me as if the liberal weapon laws in USA is totally forgotten in the script. Why is this done? USA is worldwide known for having one the most liberal weapon laws in the world. That is my first negative-impression. The other one is that no one seems to have known about whats going on? The book covers about that the president is killed in an attack, but in the tv series nothing is mentioned about this! No one! Even the men, seems to know anything about whats going on?

Even with these negative first-impressions, the scenes in The Handmaids Take scenes is really slow and I had issues with keeping the interest in it. The story of the tv series is so interesting, but many of the scenes just feels too long and very boring. After watching 3 episodes, I really want to know more about the whole situation!? But very little is told to the viewer. If this is a trick to keep you hooked to the series, then it destroys the feeling for the tv series more than anything. I became very upset about the long scenes, resulting in me skipping forward without loosing the story. But, why did you make me skip forward in first place?

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I won’t stop watching it though, even though I can’t really connect the story fully yet. The Handmaids Take story crashes a lot, but its so relevant to things happening in the world today that I feel I should give it more time before I give a final conclusion.

A handshake from the REVOLUTION tv series would be a good idea!

This series reminds me a bit of REVOLUTION by NBC, that only lasted for two seasons. In this tv series, you also got a view of a dystopic future where all of the power in the world is out of sudden gone. In this tv series, some of the states became a dictator state and it’s quite violent series. This serial also got its weaknesses, but it got the right focus on American people itself. If The Handmaids Take were about a country in Europe, where weapon laws are much more strict. Then this tv series would make much more sense for me. It doesn’t mean that I want to have liberal weapon laws, but I bring todays world situation into such production like this tv series is.

In REVOLUTION tv series, the women and men are equal strong. Ordinary people is shown to have their own personal weapons as it is in USA today. In The Hanmaids Take, it really feels as if USA never had liberal weapon laws? But this never gets answered, so I think of the liberal weapon laws that USA got today when watching the series all the time. Maybe its wrong of me??? Any terrorist attacking USA, would face issues in almost every state. People would have the power to stand such attack a lot. But not in The Hanmaids Take! And this mind hunts me when watching it!

If I remove all thoughts about the liberal weapon laws in USA, I sort of manage to watch it. I will continue to do so. You can watch it on Hulu and HBO Nordic!

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