The Greek cuisine is the cuisine and the culinary arts practiced by the inhabitants of Greece.

Here you can see the ingredients of Greek food.

Some of the appetizers or companions to be found in Greek cuisine are:
  Avgotarajo, roe salted and dried fish.
  Tzatziki, cucumber and garlic yogurt smoothies, this fresh salsa is often used as dipping sauce, tzatziki comes from the Turkish cuisine sauce makes a drink called cacik. This is one of the internationally known sauces.
  Taramosalata, which is fish roe mixed with boiled potatoes or pieces of wet bread.
  Spanokopita, wrapped in spinach pasta.
  Tyropita, cheese (usually feta) wrapped in pasta.
  Spanakotiropites, feta cheese dumplings and spinach.
  Other food wrapped in dough like: kotopita (chicken), spanakotiropita (spinach and cheese), hortopita (vegetables), kreatopita (meat), and so on.
  Saganaki, fried cheese (usually serve with other ingredients such as prawns).
  Is Dolmades stuffed grape leaves that involve either meat, rice or vegetables. This dish comes from the Turkish ‘dolma’ = ‘wrapped’.
  The Greek salad (horiatiki), with tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and sometimes accompanied by olives and feta cheese, and dressed with olive oil and oregano. Sometimes accompanied with lettuce.
  Pikilia (‘range’), hors d’oeuvres of pickles (cucumber, celery, onions, etc.) with shrimp, fried shrimp, sliced ​​tomato and / or cucumber (often in their skins), olives and feta cheese chunks, often sprayed all so generous with lemon juice.

In addition to wine and beer, ouzo and Metaxa are internationally renowned Greek drinks