Super Bowl 2018 is getting closer: The advertisers spend a lot for advertising in the middle of Super Bowl, and the commercials must be worth the high price. That’s why so many of the super bowl commercials are unique and specially made for just that event! It’s almost like it was watching commercials at the cinema before the blockbuster movies back to old days. With the celebration of the Big Game’s 51st anniversary comes many looks back at past Super Bowl glory. The amazing catches, the hard-fought triumphs, the…commercials. Join us as we count down our most funniest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time.

super bowl commercials

Super Bowl


Here are the funniest commercials from Super Bowl

Here are the highlights from last year’s Super Bowl commercials. These Super Bowl commercials were indeed legends! Enjoy!:

And why not show you THE BEST OF the commercials at SUPER BOWL ever? Who will dominate the Super Bowl commercials in 2017? Many sources say this will be the sexiest year with so many super model performing in the Super Bowl commercials. Looking forward to the commercial break finally?

The best Super Bowl commercials for 2017

You have maybe noticed it, but we have installed a countdown widget on Distrita, and time is ticking towards this year’s biggest sport event, Super Bowl LI. On the 5th of February the show is starting! The teams have been chosen, the artists for the entertaining half time show have…
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