Have you ever tried to read a newspaper on-line, to just end up with a page telling you to subscribe? Is that what the net is about, to close out information for people? Advertising is nice, but pulling out dirty tricks to get people to pay is very bad. Best example is Aftenposten, here in Oslo, Norway. When a failure on the Metro this week in Oslo, held thousands of travelers stranded on their journey to their jobs, then Aftenposten saw the oportunity to write an article about it. However! Frustrated people that had to wait, did want to know whats going on but instead of possibility to read the article on Aftenposten website,  the newspaper put up a subscription type of article. So you see the title of the article, but then the rest of article is covered with “Do you want to Subscribe?” after reading the topic. Is that how newspapers is trying to get their readers?

Free Information on World Wide Web
With selected newspapers trying to earn extra on news and important information. It is frustrating, because the net was ment to serve free information. For TV channels broadcasting on the net, now that is something different. But newspapers shouldn’t try to force people to pay when frustrating things happens. It feels for me like Aftenposten did this on purpose to get more payers for their on-line version of the newspaper.

Aftenposten as with The New York Times, The Australian, VG, Bergens Tidene, Aftonbladet etc are all respected newspapers that is shipped as paper versions and they do have their on-line versions full of commercials. However, because of the decline of paper version readers they try to force people to subscribe

Some of the Swedish Newspapers brings the News without Subscription
After browsing lots of newspapers. We found out that in Sweden, neither Expressen or Göteborgs Posten have subscription fees. We also checked out Japan Today newspaper on line that does have a register option, but there is no Subscribe button that we could find.

Newspapers should provide free information on-line. This is what world wide web was made for and should be respected by anyone posting stuff on-line. Newspapers that do have Subscription fees should remove this and respect the people that invented the net about deliver free information to anyone. The Internet should by the way also be free for all, but thats another comment.

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