There’s a new invention, ladies and gentlemen! It lacks wheels! Instead it’s almost flying or at least float (not far from the ground, but at it least not on the ground as a normal vaccuum cleaner! Seems to work good for floors without carpets.

The aiRider will cost app 250 usd! It has a special Airflow system (I think dentists use the same system for cleaning teeth nowadays, lol)

According to vendedor, it’s perfect for hardwood floors, carpet, furniture, stairs, and even eliminates pet hair! The revolutionary aiRider is weightless when in use! No wheels! No scratched floors! No back strain! Well, that’s what they say in the commercial. Do you trust them?

Did you hear… that a lady was so tired that she slept on the floor, and her vacuum robot tried to attack her hair (she had forgotten to turn off the robot). She had to call the Police because it would not stop! She wasnt hurt, everything went fine. Maybe a lesson to learn: Never trust a robot! Worth to mention: It was not an aiRider, I wonder if that could happen with one of this!