The Glacier Express is slowest express train in the world, through the heart of the Swiss Alps allowing see beautiful landscapes. Currently on tour lasts 7h and 30min, and the train passes over 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and passes through the mountain pass at 2033m Oberalppass on sea level.

The Glacier Express started operating in 1930, connects St. Moritz with Chur, Disentis / Mustér, Andermatt, Brig, Visp and ends in Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais.   Until 1981, the Glacier Express Furka tunnel passage-Scheitel. The section between Oberwald to Rehalp could be walked for 4 summer months only, so the rest of the year there was no Glacier Express. It was precisely this stretch that gave the name to the train, since it was possible to observe the glacier Rhonegletscher from the train. In 1982 was inaugurated the Furka base tunnel, which made ​​it possible for the Glacier Express circulate round.   The train offers passengers panorama cars with large windows that offer a view unimpeded travel of landscapes. The tourists get to departure headphones, which plug into sockets in the seats to listen to audio with historical and descriptive information of the places that are traveled. This information is available in 6 languages​​: English, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Italian. On the train, passengers can order lunch and drinks, which are prepared by the dining car of each train, and are served directly in the tables of the passengers.