Look at the ASUS U33jc Bamboo Notebook

A totally new ASUS U33JC Bamboo Notebook

There*s a new “green” notebook out there. The model 13.3″ Asus U33JC is almost without any plastic materials at all. Instead, you can see lots of bamboo materials in the front and where the touchpad is!

The specifications look also nice, the new i3 processor, dual graphics cards and USB 3.0 port. Is it cool? At ExcaliberPc you can check out the specifications, price offers and a video. Check out Excaliberpc.com

Check out this awesome ASUS U33JC Bamboo

Update: This article was made by Michal Bergseth for Distrita. It was made in 2010. Thanks for reading our magazine. Please check our latest news here