The Spanish State channel TVE dedicates the entire night to share memories of their big hero, Adolfo Suárez. The prime minister from 1976 – 1981 was important after Francos’s dictator period with almost Hitlerism! It’s only 30 years ago, so it’s a bit strange to realize that Spain did not have a democracy in the 70’s! The changes went quiet and impressive fast, thanks to Adolfo Suárez! Today the entire Spain is greatful for what he did for the nation, and their future.

He was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease during his last 10 years, which meant that he could no longer remember his period as Prime Minister of Spain.

STATUS: Adolfo Suárez González
25 September 1932
Cebreros, Castile and León Spain

23 March 2014 (aged 81)
Madrid, Spain

Politcal party: CDS

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Video: euronews @ youtube