Movie, Sci-Fi: Distrita wasn’t expecting great moments when watching The Darkest Hour at cinema, but our visit turned more positive than negative! We were positive surprised, even with memories from The Darkest Hour trailer. Also, the critics have been too negative, but also right in many aspects. Here is our review of the film. Let you be inspired…

The Darkest Hour is about alien invasion in the capital of Russia, Moscow. The location and acting is a fresh air into all these american movies that gives us impression that USA is the only country getting invaded by aliens in movies. Another thing, is that you are never sure who is going to die next and that helps keep the suspense level high. Also, its interesting to watch the tale unfold against the dinginess of contemporary Moscow, and with Russian soldiers instead of Americans. Moreover, the special effects are simple, but effective.

There are flaws in acting, in using effects and understandable questions about why this movie havent been given more time? Looks like they run out of time. Even with forest fires poluting Moscow, the crew only waited 3 weeks and then had to use lots of economy on fixing the Moscow locations.

  • Sci-Fi
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Fun
  • Lastability


Distrita wants you to decide this film for yourself. It is worth watching, but try not to expect things before watching it. You will get more positive memories of it then. Take it for what it is, and I honestly think you will have a good time at The Darkest Hour. Its not the worst or the best film that I’ve seen, so go on. Watch it. Recommended!