This reminds us of The Corrs: El Sueño de Morfeo

“El Sueño de Morfeo”A group that combines rock music, traditional folk music and pop? Yes, and it is not The Corrs! It is a Spanish band with 8 years of successful discography! Find out more here! We must admit that we really miss The Corrs, the Irish family group that mixed pop music with irish folklore. They had lots of hits in the 90’s. But when we listened to Spain’s Eurovision winner 2013, we  got almost forgotten memories from the past! The group won the Spanish competition recently with “Contigo hasta el final” (With you until the end). The song has got some instrumental parts, among fiddle.

The Corrs and El Sueño de Morfeo: The best from two worlds

El sueno de Morfeo

El sueno de Morfeo

The song is relatively quiet , and traditional folk music inspired, and we think it is unique in this year’s competition. We have listened to it lots of times, and it sounds really good. So it’s a great challenge – to combine the traditional with the modern music style, and they have a quiet young audience!

Not all good songs must be up speed tempo, and it’s so great watching the music video where the girl is out in the nature, on the hills, on the beach and with a white horse, and also the ambiance in the studio with the thousand candles on the floor. The studio was quiet small where the Spanish final was hold, so we are a bit worried that Eurovision’s huge stage in Malmo will be tough for them. The song is a bit intime and fits best the small studios, we think. It will be a bit challenging singing quiet songs in a huge arena in front of 15.000 people, and how will they cover the istrumental parts? We hope that Spain has got a good plan for them. When that is said, Norway has won the competition with Rolf Løvland’s Nocturne from Secret Garden earlier, a song that contained only 2 words! We wish Spain good luck, and think this is the best choice they have done for years! Update: According to Wikipedia Spain the group deciced to have a one-year-break after the Eurovision final in Malmö, Sweden, in 2013.

Later, they announced that they would launch a new album in 2014, but i never came. Two years later, the fans begin to give up the hope that they will come back… But they had 8 years of success! It is almost like The Corrs, and they took 9 years break! So it is not too late! They may come back soon. We must say that El Sueno de Morfeo sounds more modern than The Corrs. They have a bit rougher style. They even have a kind of rock style, a bit faster songs at the same time as they use folk music elements like violin and flutes… It is very interesting, and we like groups that are not afraid of experimenting to find their own style, sounding different than any other group!


El Sueño de Morfeo

El Sueño de Morfeo (English : Morpheus’ Dream) is a Spanish band from Asturias . Their musical style is pop-rock fused with Celtic ,
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